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Product Description


Iomeron X-ray contrast agent helps optimize images obtained with sophisticated multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) technology, especially for neurological, brain, liver, cardiac and vascular scanning. 

Iomeron is a tri-iodinated non-ionic contrast media with the most innovative profile and highest concentration of iodine available in the market (400 mgl/mL). The use of very high concentration of iodinated contrast agents such as Iomeron®-400 helps radiologists obtain the clearest, most diagnostically useful images to more accurately identify pathology and evaluate treatment.


Technical Specifications

  • Iomeron contains Iomeprol
  • Available in 300mg, 350mg & 400mg in 50, 100, packaging


  • In the new generation MDCT, Iomeron 400mg the highest concentration contrast are  specially suitable for all angiography procedures like Coronary CT, Triple phase liver study, peripheral CT, pulmonary angio,  perfusion studies etc. 
  • Iomeron has shown optimal renal tolerability and its high concentration does not lead to higher incidence of adverse events when compared to lower concentration. 
  • Iomeron allows same imaging quality at lower radiation dose.

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