NATsure Labsystem DNA extraction kit

NATsure Labsystem DNA extraction kit
Product Description


NATsure Labsystem Extraction kits designed on Convenient spin column technology to deliver Highly purified genomic DNA suitable for all downstream applications.

By avoiding hazardous toxic phenol/chloroform chemicals for extraction.

The kits features with color coded bottles provided to reduce the chance of error in procedures.

DNAse and RNAse free elution vials are included with kit to meet pure DNA demand removing the chance of contamination. Proteinase K is included along with the kit.


  • Systematic reagents presented.
  • Reduced costing.
  • Contamination free output with purity
  • Convenient spin column method without phenol/chloroform chemicals.


  • Easy procedure
  • No need to purchase extra reagents
  • Contamination free procedure and reduced cost
  • Hazardous free

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