Tissue-Tek® Prisma® & Coverslipper HQplus

Tissue-Tek® Prisma® & Coverslipper HQplus
Product Description

True Walk Away staining & Cover slippingPrisma® & Coverslipper HQplus enables optimized and consistent high quality results for both routine and special staining and cover slipping.


Improving the most reliable and productive stainer and coverslipper platform in the market. This true walk-away system is further enhanced to produce consistent high quality slides, meeting specific diagnostic requirements. Its barcode reading capabilities enables laboratories to track and trace slides and determine the status real-time.

Prisma® & Coverslipper HQplus enables optimized and consistent high quality routine and special staining. With quality controlled and Ready-to-Use H&E staining kits laboratories ensure slide-to-slide consistency. This results in crisp images with clear morphological and nuclear detail.

Quality is further enhanced with optimized protocols and specialized Sakura application support. Integrated track & trace capability through slide barcode reading enhances laboratory quality assurance. Determine the status of slides real-time and stay in control.

With the next step in automation, Sakura provides the customer with a total solution for both routine and special staining, interfaced to a film coverslipper. With the Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ Multiple Stainer and the Tissue-Tek® Film™ Coverslipper, your customer will have a real walk away system, as your customer can continuously load the Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ and Tissue-Tek® Film™ has an unloading capacity of 12 baskets for 10 or 20 slides, a total of 240 slides, in a convenient unloading carousel. Still, the Tissue-Tek® Prisma™ and Tissue-Tek® Film™ are available as standalone instruments and work independently. Any time, they can be linked and work as a true walk away stainer/cover slipper combination.



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